Saturday, March 25, 2017

Own Your Own App Store- 5 Reasons you should join AMP Your Income

Own Your Own App Store!

I can't stress enough how this opportunity has changed my focus and passion for making residual income online.  Many of us have been trying for to earn money online to no avail. The key is becoming apart of a business that you are passionate about and let that passion lead your grind. With any home business it requires you to be steadfast and eager every single day.

AMP Your Income is hands down the best opportunity online!  There are so many in and outs to this business, it is truly amazing. Besides the fact that you can own your own app store, AMP Your Income gives you the opportunity to cash in on a very lucrative, untapped market!

Here are 5 reasons you should join AMP Your Income Business!
  1. 100% Pass through on ALL AMP Store Revenue
  2. Fast Start Bonuses
  3. Rewarding 3X9 Matrix with up to 3 positions in the Matrix
  4. All-in-One Marketing System Included
  5. Own Your Own App Store
This business is giving me life right now and I want like minded people working on my team so that we may have fun together while making this money.
I miss the days when I was in the Air Force and I was so excited to get up in the morning and go to work.  After my retirement, I no longer had that feeling and I got a little depressed.  I was searching business after business trying to get that same feeling I had while I was a SSgt in the Air Force.

It wasn't until AMP Your Income came along and I found out that I can own my own app store, that I finally felt how I felt all those years I was in the Air Force.

I wake up, start my day, and eagerly think about how I can make this better, how I can help my team capitalize on their app store.

This is so much fun, I am on an ultimate high!  My journey has been long, but I have finally arrived at my destination.  The incomparable AMP Your Income!

So I am calling to ALL like minded people to join me..let me lead and guide you to financial freedom!

Friday, March 24, 2017

AMP Your Incme Back Office Revealed

AMP Your Income Back Office Revealed!!

I wanted to give my readers an inside look at the AMP Your Income Back Office.  Many people like to see what they potentially have to work with so here it is.

This is definitely a state of the art back office and AMP Your Income makes it so easy for it's associates to navigate around.

Some of the features have not been revealed yet, but you have to admit this is one hell of a start for AMP Your Income.  Keep in mind that most network marketing companies do not provide so many tools such as replicated websites; even when they have been in business for years. Remember AMP just launched on March 15th, 2017!

With a combination of this back office,conference calls and webinars; there is no reason why anyone wouldn't be able to thrive sharing mobile apps and games via AMP Your Income storefront! 

If you have kept up with my blogs, you know how exciting this has been for me. One key note that I want to point out, by NO means am I saying you don't have to work in order to be successful at AMP Your Income. No business offers that kind of miracle success.

Be mindful that I am here to help, not here to do for you!



Monday, March 20, 2017

New Blog about AMP Your Income App Clubs

 New Blog Post

I have updated a new blog entry on my other blog,
The blog is just to inform you about the status of the now live AMP Your Income Business and the clubs that are available to you. It goes into great detail about how the AMP Your Income works, and how it is utilized now that thousands of people have access to it.

AMP Your Income delivered everything as promised, and I am stoked to be apart of a business with integrity and a great service to offer.

Remember if you don't want to be apart of the AMP Your Income Business, you can always just use the service that gives you access to hundreds of apps or games all full version! Here is the link for just the club membership.  There is a 3 day trial so you know what you are getting.  ===> <====

If you would like to become and AMP Associate and get paid for sharing these mobile apps and games you can sign up below.  My team is expanding and some of my team members have already gotten spillover from me.  Sign up with my team!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Time Has Come! AMP Your Income Will Launch in a Few Hours!! Get in Now at the Top!

 1-2-3 Take off AMP Your Income!

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally arrived!  AMP Your Income launches in a few hours and I am very excited I have a place at the top! Here are a few reasons why it is imperative to join AMP if you want to change your financial situation!
  1. All-in-One Marketing System: Funnels, Capture Pages, Landing Pages, Email Responders - Complete and Ready to Use
  2. A Fully Loaded AMP Store with 1000s of Apps and Games to Promote and Earn
  3. AMP Store Continually Updated with NEW Content Every Month
  4. Technical Support and Training
  5. Access to all 3 AMP Clubs (Kids, Games, and Productivity) - AMP Premium ONLY
  6. The ability to sell AMP Club Retail Subscriptions - AMP Premium ONLY
Tune in tomorrow for a special facebook live launch call from our Corporate Location in Richland, Washington!
Follow AMPs Official AMP Facebook Page, if you're not already. This is scheduled for 3:00pm EST. It will be posted on the facebook page for playback for everyone to share share share!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

New AMP Your Income Blog Site


I have decided to expand my blog and begin a WordPress blog as well. You can follow my AMP Your Income blog at the following link:


I am fully dedicated and committed to this AMP Your Income business and if, you continue to follow me you will see me making major moves and amping up my marketing for AMP Your Income.  If anyone wants to join my team, be ready to get a boatload of spillover because I am up all day and night pumping out new content!

I am a retired Air Force veteran so I have the luxury of doing this all day! I will periodically up date this blog as well, especially around the time that AMP Your Income is set to launch on 15 March 2017!

Check out my new post on my new blog site, telling you 5 reasons why it rocks to be apart of AMP Your Income!

Hope to see you on the other side folks!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

AMP Your Income With Apps Email Marketing (Video)

It is amazing that I am writing this post wholeheartedly knowing that I am with a company that provides you with 5 or 6 funnel pages to capture leads and email marketing. All for no extra charge.  AMP Your Income email marketing means that once a prospect enters their email on your website, AMP Your Income does the email marketing for you.  This is an amazing  feature because not too many companies out there provide you with these types of tools.  They tend to make you do it yourself, which can cost extra money and time!

With this email marketing you can rest assure that your prospect will be well equipped with information about this unique opportunity. However, in my humble opinion I will always follow up with the prospect myself, just to introduce who I am as their sponsor and make sure that they feel comfortable!  It is nothing like having a sponsor in a brand new business there to help or just bounce some ideas around. This is great leadership and will get you very far in your AMP Your Income with Apps business.

So I created a little short email..just to show how excited I am about AMP Your Income.  This is the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion and I am on fire!

Check it out!

4 Big Mistakes You Should Avoid, When Marketing Amp Your Income

It can be a real tough road promoting any business online. If you do not know what you are doing (which most don't), things can go very wrong and lead to a whole bunch of unnecessary mistakes.
Take it from me, I have made all the mistakes you ever could think of.  From charging up credit cards to promote my business, to investing big in scams, it has been a LONG journey for me.

So let's start with 4 basic mistakes that you should NOT make:

  1. PEOPLE BELIEVE IT IS EASY TO MARKET AN ONLINE BUSINESS - I don't know where people get these alternative facts from, but if you have spent any amount of time doing marketing online, you know it is not easy. Money just doesn't start falling out the sky, you have to be persistent and work hard.  Laziness is not an option in this business.  Some companies and products are easier than others to market, however work still needs to be accomplished. Amp Your Income is really easy at this point for me, I got m first 4 in a week and a half, this business is just HOT!!  Do not get fooled by screenshots of bank accounts, or catchy sales pitch!
  2. PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT IT IS TOO HARD - With everything online it is quite easy for one to get intimidated.  These are people who believe that setting up a website, a blog, or even a paypal account is too much. With a little search, maybe watching some Youtube videos, anyone who has the drive and ambition to learn, can become a great marketer. AMP Your Income is a great no need to be scared with this one!
  3. PEOPLE FOCUS ON THE MONEY THEY CAN GET, RATHER THAN ADDING VALUE THROUGH THEIR PRODUCTS - A transaction between two people, should always be an exchange of value! Many people enter the online market place with only money in their eyes.  Have a heart and honestly share and add value. A value mindset invests in the customer, understanding that if we sow, we will reap the benefits 100 percent every time. The online world is replete with charlatans - don’t be one of them. Think carefully about the gifts and talents, and the unique knowledge you carry in your spirit, and share those skills liberally with the world. As you do so, people, and their money, will naturally be attracted to you.
    The money making opportunities that are open to us right now are so many that sometimes we can be caught in whirlwind of busyness doing a multitude of things, rather than concentrating on just a few things that really encapsulate our value in a tangible and substantial way.
    This one says Facebook marketing, so we run over there; that one says Google adsense, so we throw up an array of second-rate sites plastered with ad bars and banners. Then we hear that Twitter is the herald of a new business age and we Tweet our socks off with no real clue why we are doing it.
    Figure out where you fit in the big picture. Settle into what comes naturally for you, and truly helps from your inner person, and become very, very good at that, rather than a complete novice at 10,000 opportunistic possibilities.
    Don’t get flushed away with a thousand promises of instant riches. Instead, flourish in your chosen field.
In a nutshell, you can make it with internet marketing if you make a plan and stick to it! Work hard everyday and NEVER give up.

AMP Your Income, is a unique opportunity, that you should be excited about, I know I I hope to see you on the other side!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to Use Snapchat to Market Your AMP Your Income Business for FREE!

How To Use Snapchat For AMP Your Income with APPS
Amp Your Income is a very unique opportunity as you have probably read on my blog time and time again.  There are many ways that you can market your AMP Your Income, but today I would like to talk about Snapchat marketing.  If you are not familiar with Snapchat here is the just of it. Snapchat is a social network that allows it's users to "snap" photos and videos to their followers.  It is kind of like Instagram, but just with a little bit of a twist.

Some may feel that Snapchat couldn't possibly help your business, and some believe that Snapchat is just for the youngsters, but that is far from the facts.  Here are a few key facts about Snapchat that you may not know:
  • Over 150,000,000 use Snapchat daily
  • Over 10 billion videos are watched on Snapchat daily
  • 41% of 18-34 year olds in the U.S. use the app daily
  • Over half of new signups are over the age of 25
So as you can see by the above facts, Snapchat gets an incredible amount of traffic and it happens to be very effective.  So the whole concept is like I said before you can post videos and photos.  The users only have 10 seconds to view before they disappear.  There are many tools that can automatically save all of the Snaps that you post and you can post them on other social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few.

Better than snaps there are stories and stories appear for 24 hours and are much more effective than regular snaps. You can think of a snap like it is a t.v. commercial.  Snapchat is much more effective for marketing than you probably think, especially if you want to appeal to the under 30 group.  I feel that AMP Your Income is perfect for this because young people are going to be the ones that are highly interested in the mobile apps and games, and if they are under the age of 18, they will likely asked their parents to subscribe to an AMP Your Income club.  Remember AMP Your Income allows members of it's club to play full games with no "in-app" spending!

So, first things first, go ahead and download the Snapchat app for free, which is available on the Itunes app store and the Google Play store!  Create an account and set a username.  Just like in my Instagram blog, I mentioned it is important to pick a username that people will remember, one that is geared towards what you are about or your product is about.  In this case something along the lines of AMP, AMP Your Income, Mobile Apps..or something of that nature. Unfortunately, you cannot change the name later!

Once you have signed up, it's time to find some people to follow, so tap on the ghost logo at the top of the screen to bring up the user menu, and then click "add friends".   I notice a lot of people post something on Facebook, about their Snapchat account and asks for their friends on Facebook to add them on Snapchat!
  • You can add by username- Obviously you would have to know the usernames, and that's why it's good to ask your friends on Facebook, their usernames. 
  • You can add by address book- This will search through your contacts and add people in your contacts.
  • You can add by Snapcode- Apps such as Ghostcode help you to find people to add by interest and you can download their code to your phone and upload to the Snapchat app.  
  • You can add by location- This will use your current location to find other Snapchat users in your area.
Once you have finished adding users, now is the time to make sure that your settings are ready to market yourself on in this case your AMP Your Income business.  To find settings, tap the ghost icon to open your username page. Then tap the cog on the far right.  This eill open your settings.

First setting to look for is "contact me". It is set to "my friends  by default, but you want to set it to "everyone", to allow more people to contact you about your business. Also set "my story to "everyone".

Finally, in "see me in quick add", make sure this is on. This way you will appear to the friends of your friends, hopefully getting you more followers.  Now make sure you add an image.


Now we can down to the meat and potatoes of marketing yourself, or your AMP Your Income business!!  For the purposes of AMP Your Income, the best route to take is give business reviews of your business.  Remember to be yourself, and make it personable. As long as it stays in the window, this will bring about a personal relationship with the user and familiarize them with the AMP Your Income business opportunity. Try searching some of the big companies Snaps, so you can kind of get an idea, what a successful snap may be!

You have to make sure that you are raising brand awareness, and like any other platform, don't seem too cheesy or come off like a used car salesman.  Always remember, to give the beneficial facts about AMP Your Income!

Stories opposed to snaps, are more beneficial in my opinion.  You can give a series of photos and or videos to give the user a greater understanding of how it will impact their income, as well as save them money.

Always remember that the contact is very short, so you have to grab the attention of the user quickly.  If you don't your adds will not be effective.

As usual, if you want to join me in AMP Your Income, here is the link below~

Find Your "WHY", Then Take The Leap of Faith With AMP Your Income!

It's Not WHAT, But WHY You Do It!
Often times in life we get into the mode of doing things, and lose the fact of WHY we do them.  This can get you unmotivated if you don't keep in mind WHY you are doing something.  For instance,  I like marketing online and sharing with others and my WHY is because I truly feel enriched and free when I am marketing and I want to make a better life for me and my family.  You see, I am by nature a giver, I like to help's just in my blood!

Even if your why is just getting a new car, or a down payment on the house, let that WHY motivate you to conquer every obstacle before you so that you can live out your dreams. You have to be on your grind everyday, not taking a second for granted.

With this AMP Your Income business, I saw the "WHY" right away.  For me, this was a great opportunity to change the lives of my family and those who I come in contact with.  Everyone uses their smart phone every single day!  Sometimes, we even panic if we forgot it at home or in the car.  With as much time as I know people spend with their mobile phones, I knew this opportunity needed my full attention, so I jumped right on it.  Why, you may ask?  Well it's simple, there is no other opportunity out that allows you to make money sharing mobile games and apps.  This is a lucrative and very unique opportunity!  Why, was the easy part for me and it was time to get to work.
All you need to do is sponsor 3 people in order to get residual income..9 levels deep, (which I got that in my first week).

WHY, because this is so easy to market, it makes sense to everyone that I have come in contact with.  There are some businesses out there that only makes sense to a few.  Only a few will get it, however with AMP Your Income about 90% of the people I come across, understand that this is a big freaking deal.  The other 10% doesn't matter, I know I am going to get some NO's and that's perfectly fine!  My main focus is to work with those who get it, who have passion, those who understand that AMP Your Income is about to change many lives, especially if you get in at the top!!

So if you get my drift and you understand WHY this absolutely makes sense, go ahead and take that leap of faith and join AMP Your Income before the launch date March 15th, which is rapidly approaching.

I am here to help you, so if you have any questions feel free to comment or email me here!


Friday, March 3, 2017

AMP Your Income Will Pay Out Every Friday!

So this is just going to be a quick post to let my readers know that AMP Your Income pays out every Friday via direct deposit to any card of your choice.  So if you have a credit card that you want to pay down, you can use your AMP Your Income profits and start paying that bad boy off.  Or if you just want to send it to your bank account you have the option to that as well, as long as you have a debit card.

This is going to be so exiting every Friday! Come and join me if you haven't already at AMP Your Income!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Interactive Video-AMP Your Income-Build Your Team Today!

Apple App and Google Play Store made $75 Million a day in 2015!! Get you SOME with Amp Your Income!

$75 Million dollars a day combined in revenue, is a very impressive number to say the least about these two stores!  Have you ever just took a look at your Google Play Store or Apple Store to see how many mobile apps and games are on there?  It's over 4 million apps and games combined in the stores! 

This industry is a very addictive industry with so much money to be made!! It was only 9 years ago, that these stores were generated. Now us regular folk can have a piece of the pie. We can now sit at the grown folks table!

Finally, great mobile apps and games will get the exposure they deserve!

This is a global opportunity, so no matter where you live in the world, you can join in with us at Amp Your Income!

So what are you going to do:
Share the Most Viral Passion In The World - Get Paid

Share the Most Helpful Mobile Tools - Get Paid

Your Amp store will be loaded with hand picked mobile apps and games, diamonds in the rough..along with the popular ones as well!

I just wanted to let you know that this is literally taking the industry by storm! It’s Crazy!

I am just getting warmed up.  Never before has it been so easy to cash in on a multi-billion dollar industry just like it’s about to happen on (March 15, 2017).

You can start building your business before launch date, before you are ever charged!

I’m still pinching myself sometimes thinking it’s a dream... But it’s REAL!
Sounds too good to be true? Don't take my word for it, see for yourself: 


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Don't Quit, Just AMP Your Income!

Thinking about quitting your internet business because you are not having no success?  Is the product you are promoting not producing the numbers that you once thought it would?  Well my friend I have been there and done that so many times.  I have quit with sometimes the wind and the will knocked right out of me!  It wasn't until I found the AMP Your Income opportunity that came across my email, that I truly felt revived and like I had new internet business life, so to speak!

Sometimes it takes the right business and the right product for an internet marketer to get REAL passionate about.  Passion leads to sales, and prevents you from becoming stagnate.  It can get hard after you hear the word "NO" so many times!  I am here to tell you, don't give up on your dreams and aspirations.  Simply AMP Your Income and let the product sell itself.

Out of the 10 years that I have been involved in network marketing, I have never been able to market a product with such ease, without hearing that dreadful word "NO", so many times.  I am getting more and more leads and traffic to my site everyday, and I tell you waking up to someone opting in, because of my hard work and passion, is the greatest feeling in the world. I believe this is a testament of the product that AMP Your Income is offering. Where else can you get paid to share mobile apps and games for a living? 

We all know about the candle business, we all know about the digital products that companies are offering, the travel packages, and of course we all know about the weight loss pills, juices and tea that companies are offering. So much competition in these areas alone, you would be lucky to stand out, unless you are already a guru at the top in these companies. Most guru's already have a list built up that follow them to every opportunity!

Who'd ever think that a company would come with something as lucrative as mobile games and apps that us normal people can profit from?

So my message to you the reader is, if deep down in your gut, you are thinking about quitting or giving up your current online business; just AMP Your Income and build yourself a substantial, residual income!

Join me on this journey, cause I have a feeling its going to be a fun, profitable one!!

Best Regards,

Monday, February 27, 2017

Guide on How To Build Your Instagram Account For AMP Your Income Buisiness

It is very imperative that you set your Instagram account up using the name "AMP Your Income" in the username in some form.  Then we can move on to your bio. Your bio is very important because it the one chance you have to want them to get to know more about you and possibly turn them into member of your AMP Your Income team. You see, this is where your link will go and your call to action. A call to action is basically a statement that says "click link in bio for more info"! If you have a Facebook page it would be wise for you to link it by doing the following steps:

  1. Go to your profile and tap in the top right.
  2. Scroll down and tap Linked Accounts, then select Facebook.
  3. Your Instagram account will link to your personal Facebook Timeline by default. To link to a Page instead, tap Share to and choose a Page that you manage.
Next tell a little about yourself in the bio. Keep it short and sweet.  For instance, if you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur state that.  If you are a stay at home mom, state that. State some activities that you enjoy doing.  The point is to get a little interpersonal so people know you are not just trying to sell them something.  People genuinely gravitate to character and personality.

Moving on to the pictures.  Try to post pictures about your lifestyle. Don't always try to sell your product or else people will get turned off.  You can use Instagram Marketing Software to upload multiple pictures at once and it will allow you to put your caption for each as well as hashtags. Remember, Instagram is not like Amazon where people know they are about to buy something when they log on.  Instagram, it's about visual persuasion.

It's also very important that you show value. Are you offering something they want or need? I can tell you right off top that AMP Your Income is a service that everyone is going to want, and it's going to become very addictive like Netflix is. If you show value you are bound to get more followers especially if you use this instagram followers bot. At this point if you have people showing interest, you can direct message them, not with a hardcore sales pitch, but more on a personal level.

If you establish a huge following on Instagram, you can branch off  to other social media outlets and it will be 10 times easier to build because you already have a presence on social media. DO NOT do this though until you have mastered Instagram.  A good tool that can also be used with the software Followadder is the Instagram Scheduled Poster.

Instagram Follow Adder

I spoke above briefly about using a hashtag, but allow me to go into further detail.A hashtag is just a word or phrase with the # sign in front of it.  For instance #mobilegames, this is a hashtag that you should include, some say in the comments after the picture is posted, some say it's ok to use it in the caption.  I have tested both ways out and seen no difference.

So as you can see, it is very easy to boost your Instagram account followers which eventually lead to sales for your AMP Your Income business. If you run out of picture content, well that is what Google images is for, get creative.  Motivational quotes are all on Google and seem to draw a lot of attention so if you want to go that route that is good as well,but keep it consistent.

Let's get rolling to making AMP Your Income the best home business on the internet with a strong Instagram presence.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

AMP Your Income Launch countdown!

AMP Your Income will officially launch 15 March 2017, (sorry for the military date format, a veteran is always a veteran). I have placed a countdown widget on the sidebar of my blog so my visitors can see how close it's coming and get excited.  If you haven't heard about the AMP Your Income buzz, where have you been?

Sharing mobile games and apps is the newest phenomenon to hit the internet!  Let's countdown like it's New Year's Eve and about to be 1999 again.  So countdown with me folks and let's get the ball rolling into doing great business!

Let's cut the crap here - Amp Your Income

Let's cut the crap here, what is really preventing you from joining AMP Your Income?  I mean with the investment being so low, at a one time cost of $32.99 and $13.99 a month after that, what could you possibly be scared of?  There are no other hidden fees when you you're getting punk'd type of behavior during this pre launch, you have to see the value in this company people.

Just from my experience over the last 10 to 15 years being an internet marketer, this low cost for such a great product is unheard of. I recently quit a business that was charging almost $40 bucks for lead capture pages and trying to convince their members to pay for their high priced solo ads and website traffic.  I can't believe I bought into that for months. 

Remember always that AMP Your Income has a "REAL" product that everyone from a 2 year old to an 80 year old can enjoy.  I am not exaggerating when I say 80 yr old either because I bought my 80yr old grandmother a smart phone and she uses the bible app religiously!!

So cut the crap and jump on already!  I promise you, this will be the opportunity of your life and I am not just saying that either.  Anytime a business is doing something that nobody else has done, it is generally a success, especially here on the internet. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Join AMP Your Income!


New Amp Your Income Home Business Video

Hello, everyone.  I created this video to bring a unique awareness to the AMP Your Income Home business opportunity.  Please feel free to share it and always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

I am working very hard to build my Amp Your Income team.  I would like to get in as many people as possible by the March 15th launch date!

If you are still hesitant about the AMP Your Income home business, please go to the home page and read the frequently asked questions page.  I think it is very useful for those that are still a little skeptical to join AMP Your Income!

If you are ready now, I am ready for you.  See you on the other side!

Join Here

Don't make this mistake with your AMP Your Income Home Business

There was a point in my internet marketing career, in fact not too long ago where I believed that if I had every piece of marketing software out on the internet I am bound to succeed.  I know, I know..very stupid, naive and costly to say the least.

From web submission software, to social media enhancement software, you name it, I had it!  I am not saying all the software I purchased was useless but about 90% of it didn't do what it promised in the amazing sales pitch that was given.  That's the thing, they present you with a flawless presentation, telling you, you will get loads of traffic, or loads of money which is completely false.

The only software that I continue to use, because it has tremendously grown my Instagram account, to the point of it being on the first page of google under a few keywords is this --->instagram software.

I admit that relying on all these "promise you the world" type software, is just for the lazy marketer who thinks they can get by with minimal work.

So just a word to the wise, if you are thinking about joining and promoting AMP Your Income Home Business, DO NOT purchase any software.  Just do the work, it may be long and tedious but in the long run it will pay off for you!

Best Regards,


Now I am going to try to keep this message short and sweet.  Please, when you land on my funnel page, do not add fake information.  If you are not interested in what you see, that's cool, you just move right along to the thousands of horrible companies that have people failing everyday!

I only want dedicated people on my team who are willing to be not only business partners, but friends as well. So please spare me the five minutes I use to create a unique thank you email, only to find out you gave a fake email.  What is this high school?

I am here to help and so is AMP, there will be no spamming going on. With that being said hope to see you on the other side.


Friday, February 24, 2017

EXCLUSIVE-The BAD News About the AMP Your Income Business Opprtunity!

OK, I know you are probably wondering what is the bad news you are going to hear only a few weeks before launch. I am just speaking off of my pure opinion because this program is so awesome that I believe the cost will go up to join in the future.

I just can't fathom how AMP Your Income is so low to join, but I won't complain.  I was in another internet business, paying out $40 bucks for some funky capture pages and low quality social media training.  Never Again!

With AMP having a one-time setup fee of $32.99 USD includes your first month!
-Monthly license fee of  $13.99
-To become a premium member which increases your total income 33%, its is ONLY $19.99.  This  means will have all 3 of the clubs, and you get the ability to sell these subscriptions all over the world! You will get your own website, training, emails and so much more!
*You will not be charged until official launch date so start building your matrix NOW!*

The total bad news that I am worried about is an increase in the monthly subscription, I hope I am completely wrong..but don't come looking for me when you didn't jump on the early bird special.

This has to be a no brainer.  I just feel when the business gets to booming, the membership fee may go up.  You can call me Cleo the psychic, but don't be mad at me when I am still paying my 20 bucks and you are stuck with 30 bucks.  Get in before the getting gets good!  Join My team right now. Or tell a friend you think may be interest in this.
Embed code

One reason to join my AMP Your Income Business team! You can't resist!

I am just going to keep this short and sweet. I have one reason why you should join my AMP Your Income business team and it is a huge one.  I am about to start a site rotator, which means all of my marketing efforts will get your link exposure as well.  If you do not know exactly what a site rotator is or how it works here is a brief description of what it does and how great this is for you!

With a site rotator you can add multiple links and it will create one single link.  At random, your link will show up when someone clicks on that one designated link. I pay for an unlimited site rotator, but this is free of charge to whomever chooses to join my team.  I am not a selfish marketer. I feel like your success in AMP Your Income business opportunity is my success.

Once again I ask, what could you possibly be waiting for?  I need you on my team like Michael Jordan needed Scottie Pipen, like Kobe needed Shaq and like Lebron needs everybody!!

Does Your Significant Other Support Your Dreams? If Not "Amp Your Income" May Change That!

Does your spouse or significant other support your dreams of making money online?  Do you feel that they will have your back through hell and high water?  If not, I think Amp Your Income can change that.  The reason why I as this question is because my spouse absolutely believes that every business venture online is a "get rich quick scheme", and at times it has held me back.  I have had to sneak around and market just to respect his feelings.
In so many ways I cannot blame him. I have wasted so much time and money on some not so good business schemes, but I feel you live and you learn. I don't think he cares about the time, but the money, oh baby..he cares!!!

Things have changed since this Amp Your Income business opportunity has come around.  This just makes a hell of a lot of since and this is one business model I have been waiting for.  Finally, I can say with my head held high, that I am doing business online and I am grinding to share these mobile apps everyday!

This business is easy to share, and with a clear heart and mind, I can finally say that I am sharing a product that everyone can use and enjoy.  Most online business are only geared towards one sex, gender, the rich, the poor, and just very one dimensional. I envision mothers subscribing to the AMP Club for their kids and men, subscribing for  My point is with AMP your Income their is something for everyone to benefit from!

With it's 3x9 forced matrix all you have to get is 3 people in and you start earning 9 levels deep.  What this means is You are at the top of your 3x9 matrix which has 9 levels. Your first level has 3 associates, level 2 has 9, level 3 has 27 and so on. Any associate you bring into AMP beyond your first 3 will be placed underneath others in the matrix. AMP uses a forced matrix which means the next associate who joins will automatically go into the next available spot from left to right. As your matrix grows, so does your paycheck. AMP compresses every 60 days, meaning if a spot goes inactive, that spot will not remain dead. 

So I ask you what exactly are you waiting for?  Join me today so we can get the ball rolling and start making this money!