Monday, February 27, 2017

Guide on How To Build Your Instagram Account For AMP Your Income Buisiness

It is very imperative that you set your Instagram account up using the name "AMP Your Income" in the username in some form.  Then we can move on to your bio. Your bio is very important because it the one chance you have to want them to get to know more about you and possibly turn them into member of your AMP Your Income team. You see, this is where your link will go and your call to action. A call to action is basically a statement that says "click link in bio for more info"! If you have a Facebook page it would be wise for you to link it by doing the following steps:

  1. Go to your profile and tap in the top right.
  2. Scroll down and tap Linked Accounts, then select Facebook.
  3. Your Instagram account will link to your personal Facebook Timeline by default. To link to a Page instead, tap Share to and choose a Page that you manage.
Next tell a little about yourself in the bio. Keep it short and sweet.  For instance, if you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur state that.  If you are a stay at home mom, state that. State some activities that you enjoy doing.  The point is to get a little interpersonal so people know you are not just trying to sell them something.  People genuinely gravitate to character and personality.

Moving on to the pictures.  Try to post pictures about your lifestyle. Don't always try to sell your product or else people will get turned off.  You can use Instagram Marketing Software to upload multiple pictures at once and it will allow you to put your caption for each as well as hashtags. Remember, Instagram is not like Amazon where people know they are about to buy something when they log on.  Instagram, it's about visual persuasion.

It's also very important that you show value. Are you offering something they want or need? I can tell you right off top that AMP Your Income is a service that everyone is going to want, and it's going to become very addictive like Netflix is. If you show value you are bound to get more followers especially if you use this instagram followers bot. At this point if you have people showing interest, you can direct message them, not with a hardcore sales pitch, but more on a personal level.

If you establish a huge following on Instagram, you can branch off  to other social media outlets and it will be 10 times easier to build because you already have a presence on social media. DO NOT do this though until you have mastered Instagram.  A good tool that can also be used with the software Followadder is the Instagram Scheduled Poster.

Instagram Follow Adder

I spoke above briefly about using a hashtag, but allow me to go into further detail.A hashtag is just a word or phrase with the # sign in front of it.  For instance #mobilegames, this is a hashtag that you should include, some say in the comments after the picture is posted, some say it's ok to use it in the caption.  I have tested both ways out and seen no difference.

So as you can see, it is very easy to boost your Instagram account followers which eventually lead to sales for your AMP Your Income business. If you run out of picture content, well that is what Google images is for, get creative.  Motivational quotes are all on Google and seem to draw a lot of attention so if you want to go that route that is good as well,but keep it consistent.

Let's get rolling to making AMP Your Income the best home business on the internet with a strong Instagram presence.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

AMP Your Income Launch countdown!

AMP Your Income will officially launch 15 March 2017, (sorry for the military date format, a veteran is always a veteran). I have placed a countdown widget on the sidebar of my blog so my visitors can see how close it's coming and get excited.  If you haven't heard about the AMP Your Income buzz, where have you been?

Sharing mobile games and apps is the newest phenomenon to hit the internet!  Let's countdown like it's New Year's Eve and about to be 1999 again.  So countdown with me folks and let's get the ball rolling into doing great business!

Let's cut the crap here - Amp Your Income

Let's cut the crap here, what is really preventing you from joining AMP Your Income?  I mean with the investment being so low, at a one time cost of $32.99 and $13.99 a month after that, what could you possibly be scared of?  There are no other hidden fees when you you're getting punk'd type of behavior during this pre launch, you have to see the value in this company people.

Just from my experience over the last 10 to 15 years being an internet marketer, this low cost for such a great product is unheard of. I recently quit a business that was charging almost $40 bucks for lead capture pages and trying to convince their members to pay for their high priced solo ads and website traffic.  I can't believe I bought into that for months. 

Remember always that AMP Your Income has a "REAL" product that everyone from a 2 year old to an 80 year old can enjoy.  I am not exaggerating when I say 80 yr old either because I bought my 80yr old grandmother a smart phone and she uses the bible app religiously!!

So cut the crap and jump on already!  I promise you, this will be the opportunity of your life and I am not just saying that either.  Anytime a business is doing something that nobody else has done, it is generally a success, especially here on the internet. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Join AMP Your Income!


New Amp Your Income Home Business Video

Hello, everyone.  I created this video to bring a unique awareness to the AMP Your Income Home business opportunity.  Please feel free to share it and always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

I am working very hard to build my Amp Your Income team.  I would like to get in as many people as possible by the March 15th launch date!

If you are still hesitant about the AMP Your Income home business, please go to the home page and read the frequently asked questions page.  I think it is very useful for those that are still a little skeptical to join AMP Your Income!

If you are ready now, I am ready for you.  See you on the other side!

Join Here

Don't make this mistake with your AMP Your Income Home Business

There was a point in my internet marketing career, in fact not too long ago where I believed that if I had every piece of marketing software out on the internet I am bound to succeed.  I know, I know..very stupid, naive and costly to say the least.

From web submission software, to social media enhancement software, you name it, I had it!  I am not saying all the software I purchased was useless but about 90% of it didn't do what it promised in the amazing sales pitch that was given.  That's the thing, they present you with a flawless presentation, telling you, you will get loads of traffic, or loads of money which is completely false.

The only software that I continue to use, because it has tremendously grown my Instagram account, to the point of it being on the first page of google under a few keywords is this --->instagram software.

I admit that relying on all these "promise you the world" type software, is just for the lazy marketer who thinks they can get by with minimal work.

So just a word to the wise, if you are thinking about joining and promoting AMP Your Income Home Business, DO NOT purchase any software.  Just do the work, it may be long and tedious but in the long run it will pay off for you!

Best Regards,


Now I am going to try to keep this message short and sweet.  Please, when you land on my funnel page, do not add fake information.  If you are not interested in what you see, that's cool, you just move right along to the thousands of horrible companies that have people failing everyday!

I only want dedicated people on my team who are willing to be not only business partners, but friends as well. So please spare me the five minutes I use to create a unique thank you email, only to find out you gave a fake email.  What is this high school?

I am here to help and so is AMP, there will be no spamming going on. With that being said hope to see you on the other side.


Friday, February 24, 2017

EXCLUSIVE-The BAD News About the AMP Your Income Business Opprtunity!

OK, I know you are probably wondering what is the bad news you are going to hear only a few weeks before launch. I am just speaking off of my pure opinion because this program is so awesome that I believe the cost will go up to join in the future.

I just can't fathom how AMP Your Income is so low to join, but I won't complain.  I was in another internet business, paying out $40 bucks for some funky capture pages and low quality social media training.  Never Again!

With AMP having a one-time setup fee of $32.99 USD includes your first month!
-Monthly license fee of  $13.99
-To become a premium member which increases your total income 33%, its is ONLY $19.99.  This  means will have all 3 of the clubs, and you get the ability to sell these subscriptions all over the world! You will get your own website, training, emails and so much more!
*You will not be charged until official launch date so start building your matrix NOW!*

The total bad news that I am worried about is an increase in the monthly subscription, I hope I am completely wrong..but don't come looking for me when you didn't jump on the early bird special.

This has to be a no brainer.  I just feel when the business gets to booming, the membership fee may go up.  You can call me Cleo the psychic, but don't be mad at me when I am still paying my 20 bucks and you are stuck with 30 bucks.  Get in before the getting gets good!  Join My team right now. Or tell a friend you think may be interest in this.
Embed code

One reason to join my AMP Your Income Business team! You can't resist!

I am just going to keep this short and sweet. I have one reason why you should join my AMP Your Income business team and it is a huge one.  I am about to start a site rotator, which means all of my marketing efforts will get your link exposure as well.  If you do not know exactly what a site rotator is or how it works here is a brief description of what it does and how great this is for you!

With a site rotator you can add multiple links and it will create one single link.  At random, your link will show up when someone clicks on that one designated link. I pay for an unlimited site rotator, but this is free of charge to whomever chooses to join my team.  I am not a selfish marketer. I feel like your success in AMP Your Income business opportunity is my success.

Once again I ask, what could you possibly be waiting for?  I need you on my team like Michael Jordan needed Scottie Pipen, like Kobe needed Shaq and like Lebron needs everybody!!

Does Your Significant Other Support Your Dreams? If Not "Amp Your Income" May Change That!

Does your spouse or significant other support your dreams of making money online?  Do you feel that they will have your back through hell and high water?  If not, I think Amp Your Income can change that.  The reason why I as this question is because my spouse absolutely believes that every business venture online is a "get rich quick scheme", and at times it has held me back.  I have had to sneak around and market just to respect his feelings.
In so many ways I cannot blame him. I have wasted so much time and money on some not so good business schemes, but I feel you live and you learn. I don't think he cares about the time, but the money, oh baby..he cares!!!

Things have changed since this Amp Your Income business opportunity has come around.  This just makes a hell of a lot of since and this is one business model I have been waiting for.  Finally, I can say with my head held high, that I am doing business online and I am grinding to share these mobile apps everyday!

This business is easy to share, and with a clear heart and mind, I can finally say that I am sharing a product that everyone can use and enjoy.  Most online business are only geared towards one sex, gender, the rich, the poor, and just very one dimensional. I envision mothers subscribing to the AMP Club for their kids and men, subscribing for  My point is with AMP your Income their is something for everyone to benefit from!

With it's 3x9 forced matrix all you have to get is 3 people in and you start earning 9 levels deep.  What this means is You are at the top of your 3x9 matrix which has 9 levels. Your first level has 3 associates, level 2 has 9, level 3 has 27 and so on. Any associate you bring into AMP beyond your first 3 will be placed underneath others in the matrix. AMP uses a forced matrix which means the next associate who joins will automatically go into the next available spot from left to right. As your matrix grows, so does your paycheck. AMP compresses every 60 days, meaning if a spot goes inactive, that spot will not remain dead. 

So I ask you what exactly are you waiting for?  Join me today so we can get the ball rolling and start making this money!

Use Followadder To Grow Your Instagram Account and get More Leads To Your Amp Your Income Business

Instagram Follow Adder

Are you sick of posting day in and day out on Instagram and seeing little or no growth in your targeted followers?

Are you feeling that Instagram is just a chaos of random people posting about unrelated pictures of cats, dogs, selfies and everything else...?

Wondering how on Earth you can find targeted prospects on Instagram with whom you can engage... and later maybe sell to them.

How about I give you a “INCREDIBLE” system with which you can literally gain targeted real Instagram Followers, schedule photo posts, automate comments, likes and much more???
Sounds too good to be true?

Why don’t you check it out yourself right here!
-Publish posts to Instagram immediately or schedule them to publish at a later time from your computer.
-Grow your Instagram community by engaging your audience right within the dashboard
-Software available for Mac, Windows & Linux.
-Follow specific users, hashtags, and keywords
-Gain Targeted Followers Quickly & Easily
-And More… much more!

NO Gimmick! NO Hyped Sales Pitch! It’s Your Shortcut to set Your Instagram account on Fire!
Whether you are looking for Increase sales, web traffic, brand awareness or simply self promotion… This is the software you need to download today!

Still Feeling skeptical about it?

There's absolutely NO RISK to you with this 7 DAYS Trial offer! Use the software for 7 days and If it isn't everything I say it is, if you aren't absolutely thrilled, if you are dissatisfied in any way shape or form simply cancel the subscription before 7th day and you won’t be charged a single penny!

All I ask you is to give this software a Fair Trial and let it prove its worth!

Download it right here

To Your Success,

My goal for my "Amp Your Income Business"

It is very important in life to set goals.  From a short term goal to a long term goal in order to get through this life successfully a dedicated goal is necessary.  So this blog is for my viewers to encourage everyone to set goals but it is also for me, so that I can look back on it and see how close or how far away I am from my planned goal with AMP Your Income!

So let's first define goal. reads that a goal is "the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end".  For me the word "effort is the key word. So I am going to go step by step on how I plan to put my efforts towards getting 3 associates in my AMP Your Income business a month.

  1. Starting at 8am discover topics to blog about surrounding AMP Your Income
  2. Post pictures to my Instagram account 3 times a day
  3. Interact with Facebook friends and post to a few groups
  4. Make a YouTube video at least once a week with key AMP Your Income keywords 
  5. Send e-mail via listjoe and trafficzipper every 3 days  
         You have to be on the grind when it comes to making money online.  You better believe that there is someone working harder than you and if you do not rise above you will get lost in the crowd. There is no secret formula to this internet marketing game it just takes hustle and flow.  Although Amp Your Income is an easy business to market, you shouldn't take that ease for granted.  Use it to your benefit and increase your chances to enhance your financial stability.

Join AMP Your Income today and let's get to grinding hard! 

To your success,

GET THIS-For those on the fence about AMP Your Income

I want you to know that it is perfectly normal to be on the fence about any potential move you may want to embark on in life.  I give my husband hell because every time it's time to buy a car he takes months just to choose the first car he was looking at to begin with. However, this can be a good quality and a bad quality.  In my husband's case it was good because he ended up getting the exact color and options he wanted oppose to settling, had he waited a hour longer though the car would have been sold.

My point is, when something is of value to you the very moment you look at it, you HAVE to jump on it. I happen to call it the "no brainer's" in life.  I am sure you asking, well what makes AMP Your Income a no brainer?  Here are just a few facts in my opinion that I believe will change your life when you join AMP Your Income:
  • It's is so unique, the only company of it's kind.  There is no other company on the internet that is allowing people to make money from sharing mobile apps and games.

  • It is the Netflix of gaming and apps.  Why? Because it is a low cost membership service that gives you access to thousand of apps and games and as a club member there are no in app purchases.  Netflix was the first of it's kind, so just think if you had a piece of Netflix!! Where would you be?  I would be on someone's island watching "Netflix".

  • The cost to be apart of Amp Your Income is extremely low. At only $13.99 you can become an AMP Your Income associate and start making money.  Their is a premium level which is just 6 bucks more which gives you access to all the AMP club memberships.  See AMP Your Income Introduction blog for more info on this topic. 
  • AMP Your Income is easy to share and market.  My first week I had my first sale, this is virtually unheard of in the online marketing industry.  The individual was excited and thanked me for sharing the opportunity with him.  Easy Peasy!! 
  • The company will give you training on how to market your business!  Most companies would leave you high and dry, to figure that part on your own. 
  • It's GLOBAL

Here are just a few things that should make your decision less agonizing!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

No "In App purchases" when you have the Amp Your Income Club Membership!

Have you ever played a game that was so good and exciting but it was darn near impossible to be successful in the game unless you made a purchase for more hearts, more coins, more whatever?  I know I have.  When you are a member of the Amp Your Income club you don't have to worry about in app purchases any longer.

I am almost embarrassed to tell this story, but I will and it is so crazy you may want to pop some popcorn and grab a seat!

Back in 2015, I was hospitalized for shingles in my ear.  I was there for 4 days and I was very bored. I had lost my balance because the shingles had affected some of my cranial nerves so I couldn't even walk around. Well, I started playing the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game and needless to say I guess I was trying to make it big in Hollywood because I racked up a $1000 credit card bill in nothing but in app purchases.

The problem is when you are so into the game, you are really not keeping track on how much you are spending.  At least I wasn't.  My husband got the bill the following month and was livid to say the least!  I am glad to say that with Amp Your Income, I won't have to worry about that and neither will my The credit card companies may not be so happy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Amp Your Income is a different business! It just is!!

Is the business that you are apart of not generating any sales for you?  Are you personally knee deep in a business but are not making the money that you thought you were going to make or that your sponsor swore would be easy to get?  Have you ever thought that it might be the product you're promoting?  Is it actually something that people need or want?  If you're promoting Himalayan Goji Juice, Overpriced Hosting, or the next 'Get Rich Quick' scheme then thousands of people could simply be ignoring your ads just because it doesn't interest them.  The answer is simple! Promote a product like Amp Your Income which is what everyone is doing already and already using. Amp Your Income with Apps is a no brainer because everyone has a cell phone, and everyone either uses mobile apps or knows plenty people who do.

This is not just any old fly by company either. Even though Amp Your Income has not launched yet, it is not because they are still trying to develop it or work out a few kinks, it is already created and ready to go. They are just giving their associates time to build, build and build some more before the March 15th launch date. When it comes down to internet marketing you want to be promoting a unique 'One Of A Kind' powerful system that people will literally snap your hand off for. Well it doesn't get any more unique than AMP Your Income!

Probably the most ingenious 3x9 matrix system ever to be released!  If you join and promote Amp Your Income as your primary business there's a much greater chance that it will convert into a sale.
With just a few referrals you'll be earning commissions month after month and building a solid residual income.

JOIN Amp Your Income Today right here!

Ditch the junk, and promote a winning business!

To promote AMP Your Income, or to be fair..any business, I would highly recommend trafficzipper!  Traffic Zipper is integrated with the top 20 List Builders (based on actual performance AND user experience).  As you know, there are hundreds of List Builders on the market and deciding which ones to use can be a long (and very expensive) process.  Well now, the hard work has already been done for you! The team behind Traffic Zipper test 100's of different sites, so you don't have to. You'll only see the top 20 List Builders - and honestly, that's all you need.

Check out my latest video on AMP Your Income and read over my blog for more information.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Donald Trump would Love- Amp Your Income Business as a Businessman

Whether you are a fan of Donald Trump as president or not, you have to respect the fact that the man made billions as a businessman.  He was smart in his business dealings and he knows how to negotiate a great deal.  I kind of feel like AMP Your Income is a business that Donald Trump the businessman would definitely put his stamp of approval on give kudos to the creator!

AMP Your Income is the first of it's kind to offer mobile games as a way to make money in the network marketing world, and Donald Trump is the first businessman to become president, there is always a first for everything.  Whether you think Donald Trump as president is a good idea or not, one can't deny that the concept of AMP Your Income is an excellent idea.  Parents can buy a kids package so their kids can play as many mobile apps as they want without having the fear of them accidentally buying the app or pressuring them to buy the app.

Adults play games too!  These are going to be the big time games and  games that are diamonds in the rough that don't get the attention they deserve. Also, apps will be available for everyone, like financial app, organizational app, cooking apps and many more!  We all know Donald Trump, just like every red blooded American uses his mobile phone to tweet quite often, and if you are anything like the most of us, you will find an app in the AMP Store that you can't help but to use!

Sharing this app is the easiest thing that anyone can do, because even our 45th President see's the value in mobile apps.  For less that $20 a month, you can have all the mobile apps you want and earn money sharing these apps at the same time.  Remember there are no in app purchases with these games/apps, you will get the full version of every app!

I just had to put out there that this is going to be a money maker "bigly".  This is not fake news either, I believe Donald Trump would approve of AMP Your Income!!

Join today, while in pre-launch, and get your 3x9 matrix set!!!!

Join Here!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

U.S. Veteran wanting to help YOU AMP Your Income!!

In March of 1999, I made the best decision of my life to join the United States Air Force.  I was only 19 years old, and although my father had retired from the Air Force after 24 years in 1996, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I held my head high and weighing 99lbs at 5'2, I entered into boot camp with much confidence.  It was later in 2010, that I was medically retired after serving the greatest 11 years of my life in the worlds strongest Air Force.

The Air Force instilled in me so many great qualities!  From it's 3 core values of service before self, excellence in all we do and integrity, I bleed Air Force blue!  These characteristics have helped me in all aspects of my life, to include networking with others on the internet, and helping them start successful internet marketing careers!

I am so excited to be apart of AMP Your Income, because I get a similar feeling of pride that I had as an Air Force Sgt.  This company is the first of it's kind and please tell me who doesn't use mobile apps in their everyday life?  This makes "Amp Your Income business opportunity" so easy to share!

The one core value that has stuck with me is Integrity!  When joining my team I will always be honest with you and do my very best to help you.  You see, when you are a military member you are automatically a team player and most of the time, built to be a leader!  You can join under someone who will give two shits about you and no matter how hard you try, without some type of guidance it is easy to want to feel defeated and quit when this happens!

Once AMP Your Income becomes live on March 15, 2017, there are going to be so many people jumping on the bandwagon and in network marketing, you need the support of your sponsor to get you on a good head start!

I feel I have an advantage because of my extensive military background.  Give me a try, join my team and let this U.S. Veteran AMP Your Income!!!!!

Join My Team Today!!

Facebook Ads Low Cost Country List to Amp Your Income Business

Facebook ads can be a good way to get targeted leads to your business. However, if you don't know what you are doing they can be costly.  I don't proclaim to be the expert on this topic so in this blog I will just purely speak on some of my experiences with Facebook ads.

The U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom will cost you the most to advertise to in Facebook.  So if you are on a shoestring budget and since Amp Your Income is a global business, I would advise you to target other low cost countries.

I have created a list of countries that are very low to advertise to on Facebook. I am talking between a penny or two a click sometimes lower depending on how you structure your ad. The following countries are included on the list: 

  • Bangledesh
  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Morocco
  • Nepal
  • Phillippines
  • Pakistan
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Tunisia
Target these countries and make your budget low, that way Facebook knows that have to work harder to gain more of your business.  If you do this and you tweak it as needed, your new AMP Your Income Business will be thriving in no time.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

I Quit smoking to dedicate myself fully to "AMP Your Income" and save my life and finances! Your Turn!

I made a huge decision in my life and that was to quit smoking.  It was taking up too much of my time and money and I just felt like it wasn't a good example for my kids!  I also wanted to dedicate more of that smoking time to my family and business endeavors with AMP Your Income!  It has been a week and most of my time is consumed with writing blogs and spending time with my family!  I realize that you have to give up old habits to reach new levels in life!  This week, has not been easy but, I feel so much better about myself and happy that I don't smell like smoke! Plus smoking wasn't me anyways, half of my extended family didn't even know I smoked.  I was a closest smoker!

What does this have to do with AMP Your Income business?  Well what is it that you need to give up in order to dedicate yourself to a business or family?  I just want to engage with my readers and get people to thinking about how dedicated you have to be in order for you to be successful in life!

I saw a great opportunity in the "AMP Your Income business", thought about how I can commit to this venture and do it damn well..and quitting smoking was a win, win situation for me! Easy Peasy!!

Now it is your turn to make a move!  What are you going to do to change your future and make it better for you and your family?  I am waiting, come and join my team so we can be great together!!

Join Amp Your income Here!!!

Amp Your Income Facebook Fan Page Launched!
I am so excited because I just created a Facebook fanpage for AMP Your Income and I already have 123 likes/followers!!  I told you guys I am going hard with this business because I truly believe in it and I believe I can help others make a substantial income from Amp Your Income with Mobile Apps.

You can also create a fanpage on Facebook it is very easy.  Even if you are not that popular on Facebook you can get likes and followers for very cheap using Facebook Ads.  I got all my likes for just $1.50, and even though I am paying out a tiny bit of money, it's OK, because I know that one of these fans has the potential to join the AMP Club!

You can follow me over on Facebook as well, just click here!  I plan on making a huge presence on Facebook and potentially Instagram as well.  As I said in a previous post, always try to use one or two methods.  Be creative, find what works for you...see you on the other side!


Change Your Financial Situation-Amp Your Income With Apps!

The world is getting much, much more harder to secure financial stability!   People are losing jobs left to right, health and auto insurance is skyrocketing, and many people are just simply not making enough money to make ends meet.  Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY wants to live paycheck to paycheck and we all strive to create a better future for our children.

That is why it is key to take chances, and jump at a good, reasonable opportunity when you see one.  I am not saying brake the bank on something that you are merely just gambling on, however if something is in reasonable means and makes a hell of a lot of sense, why not go all in?   This is why I jumped on "Amp Your Income" because this is not your basic pills and potions mlm, or network marketing company that promises the moon and the stars with their product.  Everyone is well aware of what mobile apps are, and pretty much everybody and their mama (literally) has a smart phone.  I know mine does!

This is going to be one huge business and it would behoove you to get in while the getting is good!  It is not everyday that an opportunity comes around that is SO easy to market, so easy to tell someone "look at what we got here."  I have been marketing online for almost 10 years now.  I have been apart of many companies.  I admit some I was hesitant to share with others because I knew deep down, it just wouldn't make sense for 90% of the people I was sharing it with.  I believed in it, I believe in everything I do!  However, I am also a realist and know, my belief damn sure isn't everyone's belief.

Amp Your Income my friend, I can easily say, SHOULD be everyone who is SERIOUS about making money belief, and passion!!  This is a powerful 3x9 matrix!
  • 3 Generational Fast Start bonus
  • Open 9 levels of income with only 3 personally enrolled asscoiates
  • Take up to 3 positions in the matrix
  • 100% Passthrough on all AMP Store Revenue!
  • And Much, Much More
  • Here is the complete compensation plan! 
    If you want a better future for yourself and your family, I urge you to commit to a business like AMP Your Income that makes sense!  You ask why I say this?  Well here is my philosophy....
  • 68 Macy's stores are closing this year πŸ˜¦πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
  • ALL Limited stores are closing 😭
  • 108 Kmart stores are closing πŸ˜–
  • 42 Sears stores are closing😦
  • The largest transportation provider in the U.S. doesn't own a single car (Uber)  
  • The new largest hotel company in the world doesn't own a single hotel (Airbnb)Amazon just passed Wal-Mart as the nation's biggest retailer (and, much more valuable) & they don't own a single store.
There is a reason why MANY people and professionals are getting involved in a HOME BASED BUSINESS!!  

If I can, SO CAN YOU!!!

How many times have you said, I am going to start or take action next week and next week goes by?  Procrastination is a illness and can get you stuck and stagnate in life.  It is time to take action and take action on something huge, that is only going to start off costing you $20 bucks a month.  You will make that back 10 fold and trust me, I am here to help you with that!

With that being said, take a step forward for once.  Step out a faith and secure your future!  Join my AMP Your Income business team and allow me to help you grow your business and let's be free together!!  I am a United States Veteran and I have integrity and service before self instilled in me.  One thing I can say, you can't trust everyone, but you can damn sure trust a United States Veteran.  So click below to join today!  Don't wait, put your future in great shape, procrastination and fear free!


AMP Your Income with Apps - Make up to $20,000 a month "BIGLY"

Friday, February 17, 2017

"Amp Your Income" Business Opportunity A Scam? -- "Alternative Fact"

I have just been browsing around the internet, trying to get the good word out about the AMP Your Income Business Opportunity and I continue to get people saying "it's a scam", because it hasn't launched yet. Or it's a scam, because how could they possibly do something as big as hook up with mobile games and apps and have us regulars' make money from it.  For some, this just seems to good to be true. If you are smart and you do your research you would clearly know that Amp Your Income being a scam is an "alternative fact."
For one, your credit card will NOT get charged until the company launches, to me if it were any type of scam they would be taking your money and running with it before giving you the product.  Also, if you take the time to listen to any of the conference calls or sizzle calls you would know that this company has been I believe 5 years in the making. It is not something that has just been thrown together.  You will see when you join, there is a very professional back office, very state of the art. Now I have been apart of scams in my 10 years doing business online and you can tell when something is just thrown together.  Amp Your income is not one of those type productions!
It's ok to be on the fence about something.  Sure go ahead and think it through, but don't let alternative facts sway you into believing that AMP Your Income is a scam because it's not!

If you believe me, and don't like "fake news", join me in Amp Your Income and we can be a team getting this money together!

THe AMP Store


Here is a very insightful short video on what AMP Your Income is and why I feel it has great potential.  I am very excited about this company and I am going to do a personal video myself, showing my enthusiasm!  I urge each and every one of my viewers to take a look at this video and lock in your position TODAY!


Get Plenty of Leads for Your "Amp Your Income With Apps Business"

Amp Your Income with Apps is a very easy program to share and to market.  One of the main reasons for that is because it is the first of it's kind.  You are not competing with two or three other companies that are selling similar products because Amp Your Income Club is the first to do what it is doing.  If you don't know what Amp Your Income is yet, check out my blog Introduction of the AMP Club!

When thinking of ways to promote any business, it is best that you focus on one or two ways to promote.  Don't try to do Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, e-mail marketing and all that because you will get overwhelmed. Just focus on one or two and master that.  It's important that you grow a list in whichever method you choose.

There are several ways that I got several eyeballs looking and eager to join, just on my first day of being a member of AMP Your Income. (No Kidding) I got 6 leads within the first hour from an old fashioned list builder.  Many marketers think that list builders and safe-lists are dead, but if you connect with the right one, they are very much alive.

Of course you have to have a captivating e-mail, but for the most part, many people that are apart of list builders are like minded people who are looking for an opportunity..especially an unique opportunity!  The list builder that I used, and I find very reliable is ListJoe!  ListJoe is free to join and is very effective at the free level, however, I advise if you can afford it that you go ahead and upgrade as a Gold member so that you can mail more than once a week and you can reach more eyeballs.  Join Listjoe here.

Another Free way of advertising is making a video and placing it on YouTube and other video sites across the internet.  Come up with a keyword filled description and use a lot of keywords and your video is bound to make it onto the first or second page of Google, if you do great keyword research!

Instagram is also a great way to promote Amp Your Income!  Do a google search on "Amp Your Income", and click the images tab.  Save the images that are relevant and create an AMP Your Income folder with pictures so you can add them to your Instagram account.  When setting up an Instagram account, try to make it relevant to the company, or what you are selling.  Remember Instagram is all about who follows who so try to get as many followers and post motivational quotes, lavish pictures and just personal pictures of you enjoying life.  Don't always try to make a sell.  Also, your bio is key on Instagram.  You want to make it personal and also put a call to action for your followers to click on your link!

These are just a few ways that are relatively easy to get your business off the ground!  I have plenty more and if you would like to join under my matrix in AMP Your Income, I will definitely help you AMP Your Income and share some marketing tips.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tap Into The Market of Iphone and Android Apps

Untapped Mobile Gaming and App Market

On January 9, 2007, Apple made mobile phone history when it announced the first generation iPhone, and on June 11 of that year created quite a media buzz when they announced that the iPhone - already a hot seller - would support third-party applications.  Fast forward to 2017, and you can see the impact this little device has had.  Over 100 million iPhone's have been sold; more than 2 million iPhone apps appear in Apple's app store; mobile marketing has become mainstream.

How are you leveraging this lucrative new market in your business?

If, like a lot of small business owners, you sheepishly answered, "I'm not," then we need to talk.

Android users also have over 2 million apps on Google Play Store and together they may very well rake in a billion dollars a year by 2018!  

You can, and quite frankly need to get in on this lucrative business if you are serious about changing the lives for you and your family. Just think if you could have had a piece of Netflix, how would you be living today?

With Amp Your Income you can tap into this market and start making money with mobile apps easily! 

There are Three Ways To Earn with AMP Your Income!

  1. As you market games and apps through your AMP store, AMP receives revenue. 100% of the revenue  AMP receives is given to AMP Associates!
  2. As you bring more people into AMP, they are placed under you in a matrix.  The more people you bring in, the more you earn!  
  3. Through retail customers, earn through every AMP Club subscription you sell!
There are also Fast Start Bonuses as well!!

This is a 3X9 Matrix, if you would like more info on the Compensation Plan please contact me here.

If you are ready to JOIN, because you see the potential in this blooming business, click HERE!

AMP Your Income Introduction


***AMP Your Income will launch mid March 2017-Lock in Now!***

I am thoroughly excited to introduce to the world an exciting new concept/business opportunity called AMP Your Income or AMP Club!  This my friend, is the Netflix of gaming and mobile apps. There are over 4 million apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple Itunes Store, two of the most profitable goldmines on the planet.  AMP Your Income allows you to cash in on these apps with your own online storefront!  This is an untapped market, meaning this is the first of it's kind to offer such a service and this is why it is so exciting!

AMP Your Income runs on a 3x9 Matrix which means you only need to get in 3 people who see the value of this business and that opens up all 9 levels of your income!  If you would like more info on the compensation plan, please contact me here and I will be more than willing to help you!

This is a very addictive industry, a very young, fresh industry as well!  Just think, if someone was buying Pokemon Go from your storefront how much money you would make! Let's face it, people love playing new games! People can't seem to be without their mobile phone for even one second. We are the generation of technology! We all love our smartphones!

The Amp Club has 3 different packages:
-Kids Club- Over 100 Games, educational and entertainment. Kid Safe!! Mother approved!!
-Games Club- Starts with 300 Games
-Productivity App Club- 400 Apps to Include Health and Fitness, Finance and Much More!


So you ask, what do you have to do to be apart of this program?  What is it going to cost you to get the official AMP Store App on your smartphone?  Not as much as you think, but here's the numbers.

How Much Does It Cost?
-A one-time setup fee of $32.99 USD includes your first month!
-Monthly license fee of  $13.99
-To become a premium member which increases your total income 33%, its is ONLY $19.99.  This  means will have all 3 of the clubs, and you get the ability to sell these subscriptions all over the world! You will get your own website, training, emails and so much more!
*You will not be charged until official launch date so start building your matrix NOW!*

If you can earn money from it and/or save money from it, why wouldn't you do it?


Best Regards,
Ebony, The Air Force Marketer

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