Friday, February 17, 2017

"Amp Your Income" Business Opportunity A Scam? -- "Alternative Fact"

I have just been browsing around the internet, trying to get the good word out about the AMP Your Income Business Opportunity and I continue to get people saying "it's a scam", because it hasn't launched yet. Or it's a scam, because how could they possibly do something as big as hook up with mobile games and apps and have us regulars' make money from it.  For some, this just seems to good to be true. If you are smart and you do your research you would clearly know that Amp Your Income being a scam is an "alternative fact."
For one, your credit card will NOT get charged until the company launches, to me if it were any type of scam they would be taking your money and running with it before giving you the product.  Also, if you take the time to listen to any of the conference calls or sizzle calls you would know that this company has been I believe 5 years in the making. It is not something that has just been thrown together.  You will see when you join, there is a very professional back office, very state of the art. Now I have been apart of scams in my 10 years doing business online and you can tell when something is just thrown together.  Amp Your income is not one of those type productions!
It's ok to be on the fence about something.  Sure go ahead and think it through, but don't let alternative facts sway you into believing that AMP Your Income is a scam because it's not!

If you believe me, and don't like "fake news", join me in Amp Your Income and we can be a team getting this money together!

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