Saturday, February 18, 2017

Amp Your Income Facebook Fan Page Launched!
I am so excited because I just created a Facebook fanpage for AMP Your Income and I already have 123 likes/followers!!  I told you guys I am going hard with this business because I truly believe in it and I believe I can help others make a substantial income from Amp Your Income with Mobile Apps.

You can also create a fanpage on Facebook it is very easy.  Even if you are not that popular on Facebook you can get likes and followers for very cheap using Facebook Ads.  I got all my likes for just $1.50, and even though I am paying out a tiny bit of money, it's OK, because I know that one of these fans has the potential to join the AMP Club!

You can follow me over on Facebook as well, just click here!  I plan on making a huge presence on Facebook and potentially Instagram as well.  As I said in a previous post, always try to use one or two methods.  Be creative, find what works for you...see you on the other side!


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