Thursday, February 16, 2017

AMP Your Income Introduction


***AMP Your Income will launch mid March 2017-Lock in Now!***

I am thoroughly excited to introduce to the world an exciting new concept/business opportunity called AMP Your Income or AMP Club!  This my friend, is the Netflix of gaming and mobile apps. There are over 4 million apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple Itunes Store, two of the most profitable goldmines on the planet.  AMP Your Income allows you to cash in on these apps with your own online storefront!  This is an untapped market, meaning this is the first of it's kind to offer such a service and this is why it is so exciting!

AMP Your Income runs on a 3x9 Matrix which means you only need to get in 3 people who see the value of this business and that opens up all 9 levels of your income!  If you would like more info on the compensation plan, please contact me here and I will be more than willing to help you!

This is a very addictive industry, a very young, fresh industry as well!  Just think, if someone was buying Pokemon Go from your storefront how much money you would make! Let's face it, people love playing new games! People can't seem to be without their mobile phone for even one second. We are the generation of technology! We all love our smartphones!

The Amp Club has 3 different packages:
-Kids Club- Over 100 Games, educational and entertainment. Kid Safe!! Mother approved!!
-Games Club- Starts with 300 Games
-Productivity App Club- 400 Apps to Include Health and Fitness, Finance and Much More!


So you ask, what do you have to do to be apart of this program?  What is it going to cost you to get the official AMP Store App on your smartphone?  Not as much as you think, but here's the numbers.

How Much Does It Cost?
-A one-time setup fee of $32.99 USD includes your first month!
-Monthly license fee of  $13.99
-To become a premium member which increases your total income 33%, its is ONLY $19.99.  This  means will have all 3 of the clubs, and you get the ability to sell these subscriptions all over the world! You will get your own website, training, emails and so much more!
*You will not be charged until official launch date so start building your matrix NOW!*

If you can earn money from it and/or save money from it, why wouldn't you do it?


Best Regards,
Ebony, The Air Force Marketer

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