Friday, February 24, 2017

Does Your Significant Other Support Your Dreams? If Not "Amp Your Income" May Change That!

Does your spouse or significant other support your dreams of making money online?  Do you feel that they will have your back through hell and high water?  If not, I think Amp Your Income can change that.  The reason why I as this question is because my spouse absolutely believes that every business venture online is a "get rich quick scheme", and at times it has held me back.  I have had to sneak around and market just to respect his feelings.
In so many ways I cannot blame him. I have wasted so much time and money on some not so good business schemes, but I feel you live and you learn. I don't think he cares about the time, but the money, oh baby..he cares!!!

Things have changed since this Amp Your Income business opportunity has come around.  This just makes a hell of a lot of since and this is one business model I have been waiting for.  Finally, I can say with my head held high, that I am doing business online and I am grinding to share these mobile apps everyday!

This business is easy to share, and with a clear heart and mind, I can finally say that I am sharing a product that everyone can use and enjoy.  Most online business are only geared towards one sex, gender, the rich, the poor, and just very one dimensional. I envision mothers subscribing to the AMP Club for their kids and men, subscribing for  My point is with AMP your Income their is something for everyone to benefit from!

With it's 3x9 forced matrix all you have to get is 3 people in and you start earning 9 levels deep.  What this means is You are at the top of your 3x9 matrix which has 9 levels. Your first level has 3 associates, level 2 has 9, level 3 has 27 and so on. Any associate you bring into AMP beyond your first 3 will be placed underneath others in the matrix. AMP uses a forced matrix which means the next associate who joins will automatically go into the next available spot from left to right. As your matrix grows, so does your paycheck. AMP compresses every 60 days, meaning if a spot goes inactive, that spot will not remain dead. 

So I ask you what exactly are you waiting for?  Join me today so we can get the ball rolling and start making this money!

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