Friday, February 17, 2017

Get Plenty of Leads for Your "Amp Your Income With Apps Business"

Amp Your Income with Apps is a very easy program to share and to market.  One of the main reasons for that is because it is the first of it's kind.  You are not competing with two or three other companies that are selling similar products because Amp Your Income Club is the first to do what it is doing.  If you don't know what Amp Your Income is yet, check out my blog Introduction of the AMP Club!

When thinking of ways to promote any business, it is best that you focus on one or two ways to promote.  Don't try to do Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, e-mail marketing and all that because you will get overwhelmed. Just focus on one or two and master that.  It's important that you grow a list in whichever method you choose.

There are several ways that I got several eyeballs looking and eager to join, just on my first day of being a member of AMP Your Income. (No Kidding) I got 6 leads within the first hour from an old fashioned list builder.  Many marketers think that list builders and safe-lists are dead, but if you connect with the right one, they are very much alive.

Of course you have to have a captivating e-mail, but for the most part, many people that are apart of list builders are like minded people who are looking for an opportunity..especially an unique opportunity!  The list builder that I used, and I find very reliable is ListJoe!  ListJoe is free to join and is very effective at the free level, however, I advise if you can afford it that you go ahead and upgrade as a Gold member so that you can mail more than once a week and you can reach more eyeballs.  Join Listjoe here.

Another Free way of advertising is making a video and placing it on YouTube and other video sites across the internet.  Come up with a keyword filled description and use a lot of keywords and your video is bound to make it onto the first or second page of Google, if you do great keyword research!

Instagram is also a great way to promote Amp Your Income!  Do a google search on "Amp Your Income", and click the images tab.  Save the images that are relevant and create an AMP Your Income folder with pictures so you can add them to your Instagram account.  When setting up an Instagram account, try to make it relevant to the company, or what you are selling.  Remember Instagram is all about who follows who so try to get as many followers and post motivational quotes, lavish pictures and just personal pictures of you enjoying life.  Don't always try to make a sell.  Also, your bio is key on Instagram.  You want to make it personal and also put a call to action for your followers to click on your link!

These are just a few ways that are relatively easy to get your business off the ground!  I have plenty more and if you would like to join under my matrix in AMP Your Income, I will definitely help you AMP Your Income and share some marketing tips.


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