Tuesday, March 7, 2017

4 Big Mistakes You Should Avoid, When Marketing Amp Your Income

It can be a real tough road promoting any business online. If you do not know what you are doing (which most don't), things can go very wrong and lead to a whole bunch of unnecessary mistakes.
Take it from me, I have made all the mistakes you ever could think of.  From charging up credit cards to promote my business, to investing big in scams, it has been a LONG journey for me.

So let's start with 4 basic mistakes that you should NOT make:

  1. PEOPLE BELIEVE IT IS EASY TO MARKET AN ONLINE BUSINESS - I don't know where people get these alternative facts from, but if you have spent any amount of time doing marketing online, you know it is not easy. Money just doesn't start falling out the sky, you have to be persistent and work hard.  Laziness is not an option in this business.  Some companies and products are easier than others to market, however work still needs to be accomplished. Amp Your Income is really easy at this point for me, I got m first 4 in a week and a half, this business is just HOT!!  Do not get fooled by screenshots of bank accounts, or catchy sales pitch!
  2. PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT IT IS TOO HARD - With everything online it is quite easy for one to get intimidated.  These are people who believe that setting up a website, a blog, or even a paypal account is too much. With a little search, maybe watching some Youtube videos, anyone who has the drive and ambition to learn, can become a great marketer. AMP Your Income is a great product..so no need to be scared with this one!
  3. PEOPLE FOCUS ON THE MONEY THEY CAN GET, RATHER THAN ADDING VALUE THROUGH THEIR PRODUCTS - A transaction between two people, should always be an exchange of value! Many people enter the online market place with only money in their eyes.  Have a heart and honestly share and add value. A value mindset invests in the customer, understanding that if we sow, we will reap the benefits 100 percent every time. The online world is replete with charlatans - don’t be one of them. Think carefully about the gifts and talents, and the unique knowledge you carry in your spirit, and share those skills liberally with the world. As you do so, people, and their money, will naturally be attracted to you.
    The money making opportunities that are open to us right now are so many that sometimes we can be caught in whirlwind of busyness doing a multitude of things, rather than concentrating on just a few things that really encapsulate our value in a tangible and substantial way.
    This one says Facebook marketing, so we run over there; that one says Google adsense, so we throw up an array of second-rate sites plastered with ad bars and banners. Then we hear that Twitter is the herald of a new business age and we Tweet our socks off with no real clue why we are doing it.
    Figure out where you fit in the big picture. Settle into what comes naturally for you, and truly helps from your inner person, and become very, very good at that, rather than a complete novice at 10,000 opportunistic possibilities.
    Don’t get flushed away with a thousand promises of instant riches. Instead, flourish in your chosen field.
In a nutshell, you can make it with internet marketing if you make a plan and stick to it! Work hard everyday and NEVER give up.

AMP Your Income, is a unique opportunity, that you should be excited about, I know I am..so I hope to see you on the other side!



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