Tuesday, March 7, 2017

AMP Your Income With Apps Email Marketing (Video)

It is amazing that I am writing this post wholeheartedly knowing that I am with a company that provides you with 5 or 6 funnel pages to capture leads and email marketing. All for no extra charge.  AMP Your Income email marketing means that once a prospect enters their email on your website, AMP Your Income does the email marketing for you.  This is an amazing  feature because not too many companies out there provide you with these types of tools.  They tend to make you do it yourself, which can cost extra money and time!

With this email marketing you can rest assure that your prospect will be well equipped with information about this unique opportunity. However, in my humble opinion I will always follow up with the prospect myself, just to introduce who I am as their sponsor and make sure that they feel comfortable!  It is nothing like having a sponsor in a brand new business there to help or just bounce some ideas around. This is great leadership and will get you very far in your AMP Your Income with Apps business.

So I created a little short email..just to show how excited I am about AMP Your Income.  This is the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion and I am on fire!

Check it out!


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